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My Experience with the JACO Robotic Arm

Posted by sonn2019 
My Experience with the JACO Robotic Arm
July 14, 2019 02:03PM
My Experience with the JACO Robotic Arm

Throughout my life, I have required assistance with the most basic tasks. Things like scratching my head, getting myself a drink, or picking something up off the floor are just a few items on a never-ending list of impossibilities. Fortunately, there is now technology that can help me perform such tasks.

Last October, I had the privilege of trying out a JACO robotic arm. I want to thank fellow columnist and friend Kevin Schaefer, who has a JACO of his own, for putting me in touch with the company that sells these life-changing devices. The arm functions in an easy, simple way. It runs off my chair’s battery and is controlled with my joystick. The sales rep told me that I had picked up in a matter of minutes what others took days to master.China Industrial Robotic Arm

The first question he asked me was if I played video games. That was the difference. I had known, despite warnings from others that I was wasting my time, that becoming proficient in video games would someday pay off.With my deteriorating arm and hand strength, my list of inabilities keeps getting longer, but JACO will shorten it significantly. Some obvious uses come to mind, such as opening doors, picking something up, or strangling my little brother (kidding). Being able to perform those simple tasks are, on their own, life-changing. But it was apparent after only a few hours that the uses for it are limited only by your creativity.

If you make modifications to your environment, even more doors (literally and figuratively) can be opened. For example, you could tie a rope around that awkward refrigerator door, and use the arm to open the door easily. It might be tough to retrieve a cup from the cupboard, so maybe have a few sitting on the counter.

The most difficult task I completed was making my own cup of coffee with my Keurig. It was not easy — I nearly crushed the styrofoam cup — but ultimately, it was a success, and it’s a process I’ll eventually get down to a science. I love coffee, so making my own cup was special.
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