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What is paypal and what is his features?

Posted by Mike lawrence 
What is paypal and what is his features?
September 04, 2021 11:58AM
Paypal is one of the most used digital wallet. People use it for money transaction purpose. After create account in paypal you can send or receive money or can do online transaction . you just need to crate a paypal account. for create paypal account read my paypal login blog. If you are thinking why we need to use Paypal then i tell you it make you cash less. after create a paypal account you no need to carry cash in your pocket. you just need to attach you bank account and you can send or can receive money. paypal have many features that make it favorite of million's user. Below i tell you some special features of paypal which impotent to know to user:-
1. it provide you secure transaction. it save you transaction history or your location or save you cookies in web browser after logout your ID.
2. It save the user personal or private data like account detail etc. During transaction it's only show user name and email ID, not account detail etc.
3. paypal user can add 8 email id with you paypal account which made it more convenient and flexible.
4. Paypal can easily withdrew his paypal amount by credit/debit card or account.
5. paypal support multiple currency in different countries.
6. paypal support over 20 languages which make it easily for every user.
7. paypal provide fast and Efficient Customer Support to the user.
Above mention features are some key features of paypal which make it user favorite. Paypal have many other features which you can read in my blog what is paypal. where i have explain paypal very briefly. if you want to know more about digital wallets like venmo, paypal , google pay ,walmart pay, zelle etc visit to my website walletdesk.com. which give you all important about famous digital wallets.
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