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Snowman dances

Posted by ylq12 
Snowman dances
August 09, 2019 10:19PM
Snowman dances, igniting a few sweethearts for you. I came to Jinan and came to the side of Yuyuquan. Facing the statue of Yi��an, the admiration was full of inscriptions, and the snowman danced. I came to Jinan, came to the side of Yuyuquan, approached you, quietly pursued your trace, tasted your rhyme, felt your life cedar like a cover, weeping willow like silk, the courtyard is deep and deep . I am looking for you, where are you? I also swayed the swings in the foggy season, and the robes were light. Under the cedar, next to the weeping willow, you can still hear your laughter and laughter. I also visited the Xiting Pavilion at the time of the day, and I was fascinated by the wine. You are intoxicated and do not know the way back Marlboro Cigarettes, and the boat is mistaken into the depths of the lotus, "stunned a gull heron." There have also been youthful sprouts and a strong image. When you visit, you are expected to be a young boy. If you are afraid of seeing and wanting to see, you will not see it, and you will be hurriedly "and shy away." Not reconciled, I had to "return to the door and look back, but I sniffed the green plum." I have also had the lingering glory of the moon before and after the flowering. I bought a flower that was "still with Xia Xiaoxiao's dew marks" and was full of affectionate self-reward. Suddenly, "I was afraid that Langu would be better than a flower noodle," and I was a little jealous. For Bo Defu Jun, "Clouds are sloping, and you have to teach Lang than to see." The girl is innocent, sings in the fun, the husband sings the woman, and the love is deep, you enjoy the warmth of honey. However, when the Jin Ge Iron Horse breaks your life as calm as the waveless spring, your life appears from happiness to loneliness, from the jade food to the turbulent turning point of the tragedy; when the weak body is unbearable, the burden of hatred is hateful. Destined the miserable life of your life. Lonely mokingusacigarettes.com, hurting the spring, looking forward to blasphemy, parting, like the tide is generally rushing to you, "how a word is worth it." "��" has become the theme song of your life movement, trying to enter your world, into your helpless years of "flowers drifting from the water", into your "warm day, clear wind and the first freeze" Go into your sleepless days of "how to be black on your own." Your thoughts are always indulged in the past of feelings of the wind; your emotions are always struggling to break through the abyss of national death. Your heart is as thin as a flap, and you can't afford even the slightest touch. You are afraid of listening to the indus and the drizzle, and I am afraid to listen to the rain and the banana. You are afraid that "now smashing, wind and frost", even more afraid of "curtains and winds, people are thinner than yellow flowers." Your pillow is always dripping with Lin, and the sad "three rains", your dream will always be the boat of Shuangxi, "can not move, many yo." The chaotic mountains, the flat wilderness, the bleak smoke, the fascinating frogs, and the tragic horns that have been echoing for a long time in the twilight are your autumn nights; the vines, the heavenly grass, the floor The former flowing water, the returning geese, is the dream of you all day long. Four stacks of Yangguan, you sing thousands of times; where is your hometown? You ask thousands of times. My simple thought that your embarrassment is the lament of Gu Ying's self-pity, does not understand how rich your connotation and broad feelings. My superficial thought that your jealousy is a lonely and deep sadness Cheap Cigarettes, without understanding how deep your thoughts and powerful strengths are. Your spring-like flower rain is not only a few empty echoes; your yellow flowers like autumn are piled up in your heart. Your jealousy is a love for your home country, and your jealousy is a long-term consideration of destiny. Your jealousy is the tangled tears, the fate of the blood. Wandering in your world, immersed in sharing for a long time, in addition to you, there is another kind of living state, "Life is a great person, death is also a ghost" is your true love confession. This is the perseverance that you use to temper, and the shackles of crystallization; it is the scream of your life, the struggle with the intestines. I finally understood that you are as soft as water, and just like water. Your life seems to be sad and not sad, because you have not fallen in the midst of it, but in the midst of glory. Your embarrassment has made your talents your accomplishments, your embarrassment has become your bridge to realize the value of life, the sky is still dancing with snowflakes. I can't help but raise my head and look at the vast sky. I hope to pass through the historical time and space tunnel and express my heartfelt respect to you. At this moment, I can only silently ignite a few hearts for you.
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