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The very first question about frequently do I play this game

Posted by appleDR 
The very first question about frequently do I play this game
September 10, 2021 09:05AM
Polling only lets all the maxed OSRS GP neckbeards continue to deny new content to Runescape. The amount of new and returning mid-high lvl players that they get will readily off-balance the sober bank standing minority they'll lose for a month until they resub again. RS3 is what occurs without user polling. The community picking what goes in Runescape signifies the playerbase wanted a thing and Runescape will not be pushed into the floor from upgrades that are aqful. One for everybody is the system you're currently proposing. Polling is the collective opinion of this userbase. It's everyone with a voice.

The very first question about frequently do I play this game, there should be a choice of,"I'm now taking a rest." Sometimes I only get burnt out. That is fine. I am 1600 total but I am not too efficient or combat focused so that I haven't bossed or done master quests. Therefore it did not give me an option to state I really don't understand in regards to these questions. I set neutral which I think throws off the ethics of the answer. Also when you're speaking about Jagex I had no idea how to answer these questions. I don't understand anything about Jagex out the OSRS team which I believe is a relatively small part of your company.

I also wish I knew anything about your parent firm MacArthur. They are a ghost in the internet. Furthermore, the only thing I truly do know is that Jagex has pretty much given up on every match they've ever tried to make outside of RuneScape. There was no option for updating skills or stating I don't want you to focus on some of those options in any way. Finally for the question,"what do you consider customer support?" An option should really be,"What customer service?"

Repeatable quests, HD clients, once again hoping to push new abilities, etc.. No place to explain answers that require circumstance, such as satisfaction with Jagex's (non-existant) customer service or just how much confidence we put in them. Questions about how polling content functions specifically is terrifying, provided Jagex's recent penchant for only forcing content that has failed multiple surveys via as integrity updates.

Not to mention: Asking for people's rs3 gold favorite games, place of residence, employment status, and even their PHONE NUMBER is extremely inappropriate for this type of survey. Appears nakedly enjoy an effort for collecting marketing data available. Editing this in today that I consider it more: The more I think about the phone number piece, the slimier it feels to be fair. We all know fully damn well that Jagex is not likely to call anyone who answers this poll. Leading people to provide their personal information into a poll under the guise of"Wow you're so smart, perhaps we'll call you for your opinions on upcoming stuff!" Is absolutely disgusting, and if anything else, I did not react extreme enough.
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