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Richard Mille Replica Watch 511.04.91X-1 RM 011 Full RG

Posted by anigla 
Richard Mille Replica Watch 511.04.91X-1 RM 011 Full RG
May 30, 2019 09:31PM

Jeweler spent 3,000 hours making a case for Jay-Z's custom watch

Celebrity jeweler Alex Todd has customized a richard mille price timepiece called "The Blueprint" for Jay-Z and spent 3,000 hours making the case.

According to one source, the price of the watch is about $2.5 million, and the case is only from a piece of sapphire.

“Jay has one of the finest collections in the world,” one source said.

Todd has launched a trendy cannabis series, Saucey, which has worked with rapper Jim Jones to develop a series of blunt instruments called Capo.

In the past week, Van Jones has had a lot of talks on the CNN's Hall of Fame rapper, entrepreneur and agent Jay-Z. Sean Carter, nicknamed "Jay-Z," reports on political views, Trump, the family, the black community, and even whether he is a member of the Illuminati. Everyone joked that it was a very interesting and inspiring interview, but a rapper trained by Brooklyn often appeared in front of me and laughed at me whenever his left hand rose to his face. . White dial, gold shell, leather band mysterious, gold buckle on his wrist.

I frantically tried to intercept the watch and annoyed the pain of my poor wife. He just tried to best watches for men the interview without interference without constant pauses and close zooming. The buckle logo is slightly similar to Jaeger Le Coultre's JL badge, but the brand is slightly inferior to brands such as Jay-Z. This is a man who brought $500,000 from Richard Mille to Wimbledon and has a lot of Audemars Piguets, who may become a brand ambassador. I think maybe Rolex Selene? After all, he recently wore a Platinum President Rolex in an interview with Dean Baquet in the New York Times, but it was still a bit wrong. After extensive speculation and multiple macroscopic enlargements, I gave up and decided to ask professionals.

Brandon Frazin is an assistant expert in Christie's watches in New York and a trend for all Rolex. "This is the notorious Rolex Perpetual Calendar modified by Frank Muller, but it is not approved by many people in the watch industry because it is basically pieced together," Brandon said.

Most watch collectors are purists, and any type of modification to a classic watch can be awesome, even if it is polished, it will greatly reduce its authenticity and reduce its value (due to wiping off its iconic mark or softening the convex Ear sharpness). Muller’s work was even more intense, and he actually modified the classic internal organs. I mean, think about it, once people start using the watch mechanism, modify the dialing font, change hands and recreate the date disk, then you really don't know what you are buying.

On May 15, 2017, Christie's auctioned an old-fashioned Patek Philippe Calatrava 530, which was initially auctioned for $30,000 in 2004 and resold by the auction house in 2017 for an astonishing $446,330. Given the conditions and scarcity of the piece, this is not a big deal, but it is shocking that the dial was originally silver in 2004 and then magically turned black in 2017! This is an obvious case of dial modification. The fact that watches are still sold at high prices has become a bit of a change in the rules of the game, as it proves that there may indeed be a retrofitted vintage watch.

I'm not sure if this high resale price can put watches together (also known as "Fraken-watches"winking smiley, or if some impatient buyers just want to catch Patek Philippe high quality replica watches and the 530 sales are just a fluke. Prices have soared even higher. Honestly, who cares, if you have the means and love for a particular work, it is because Christy's John Reardon quoted in our last interview: "It will become more difficult to find over time. Repaired pieces ".
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