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How to live stream from your phone

Posted by kill613 
How to live stream from your phone
August 31, 2021 05:54AM
There was a time when broadcasting live from a remote location required huge satellite trucks, generators, cameras, cables, microphones, and a team of people to run it all. While there’s still a place for such high-stakes live broadcasts (and we can help you with that), there’s no question live streaming has become more accessible in recent years.To get more news about moonlive, you can visit official website.

Good news: If you’ve upgraded your smartphone in the last five years, you should have all the tools you need to live stream from a phone. Now, everyone can broadcast whenever and wherever they want. Here’s the scoop on how to stream on mobile devices like a pro.Chances are, you already have a live streaming platform on your phone. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all offer live streaming features directly in their mobile apps. Others, like the Vimeo mobile app, may be new to you, but offer more customization options to give your live stream a boost.

For instance, many people choose to live stream to social media because it gives access to an existing audience. That said, live streaming through native apps is limiting, because you can only stream to that social network. What do you do when you have an audience on Facebook and YouTube, for instance? Holding two phones and alternating eye contact between the two is not the way to go about it.Live streaming on your phone is a pretty simple practice, but that doesn’t mean your streaming setup should be. There are some extra steps you can take to boost the quality and make your on-the-go live stream feel a bit more special.

The sun is your best lighting choice. And, you know… it’s free. Ideally, position your phone with a window facing you, with the sun washing over your face. Whatever you do, don’t sit with your back to a window, or else you’ll be in silhouette and might resemble an anonymous guest on Dateline.

Assuming that you follow our guidelines and stay at arm’s length, you probably won’t need any kind of external mic for your live stream — the mic on your device will do the job.

That said, if you have AirPods or other Bluetooth, cordless earbuds at the ready, they can be a subtle way to amplify your voice. Earbuds with built-in mics are especially helpful if you need to step farther than an arm’s length away from your phone during your stream (like if you’re streaming a fitness class).

Whatever you do, do your best to stream from a quiet location without much background noise, and stay as close to the device as you can to ensure your voice comes through clearly.
Re: How to live stream from your phone
October 07, 2021 11:52PM
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