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Wedding vows: eight honors and eight shames.

Posted by ramonass 
Wedding vows: eight honors and eight shames.
May 16, 2018 02:08AM
We love our motherland, good and good. Then, the online crowd of people have a fantastic idea, the adaptation of eight honors and eight disgraces, there are eight honors and eight disgraces marriage version. Wed114 wedding network to bring the wedding vows eight honors, a quick look at these personality strange wedding vows!

  Wedding vows: husband version.

  To care about the wife, to ignore the wife is ashamed;

  To be proud of the wife, to trouble the wife for shame;

  Be proud of your wife and be ashamed of your wife.

  Take pride in doing the housework, and be ashamed of it.

  To be proud of coming home from work, to be ashamed at night;

  Take pride in being honest, and be ashamed of philandering.

  To be proud of family law and to be ashamed of violating laws and regulations;

  To pay the salary to be proud, to hide the prize money to be ashamed.

  Wedding vows: wife edition.

  To care for the husband, to ignore the husband is ashamed.

  He is proud of her husband and is ashamed of his slave husband.

  Take pride in being reasonable, and be ashamed to act shamelessly.

  Take pride in doing housework, and be ashamed of being lazy.

  Be proud of your mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

  Trust the husband to be proud, to see the privacy is ashamed.

  Take pride in the use of love, and be ashamed to go out on the wall.

  Take pride in being frugal, and be ashamed of being mad.

  Wedding vows: husband version 2.

  To love the wife deeply, to be ashamed of philandering.

  Take pride in service everywhere, and be ashamed to perfunctory.

  Be proud of wit, and be ashamed of stupidity.

  Take pride in the housework, and be ashamed to be lazy.

  Take pride in your thoughtfulness, and be ashamed of yourself.

  Take pride in all things, and be ashamed to conceal deceit.

  Be proud of being obedient, and be ashamed to be disobedient to your wife's life.

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