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Companions who understand you and are in the same situation as you

Posted by comiwed818 
Companions who understand you and are in the same situation as you
May 17, 2021 09:42AM

The first step is to know that you do not know anything. [URL="[url]https://vrip.unmsm.edu.pe/forum/profile/comiwed/"[/url];]Something happens[/URL] when a person becomes a parent. Their memory of what it was like to be a child is totally erased. All the needs, feelings, thoughts, fears, desires, and the basic view of day to day life is gone. In fact, most people do not recall what they felt when they were born and the first decade of their life.

Additionally, as the world has changed so much with the advent of smartphones and internet and games, even if the parent remembered the feelings of being a child, that does not totally relate to the feelings of the child growing up today.

I have travelled and lived in 90 countries, studying people of all ages in the different religions and cultures. The interesting thing, which maybe you know, is that when a child is born, it does not matter where they are or their family or religion, we are all the same.

Needing love and touch, food and comfort, stop the pain of teething, wanting to play and learn new things, curious, courageous, or foolish, living each moment as what we are, which is an alien in a strange world and needing to understand how things work on this bizarre planet so we can survive.

Do you remember how it felt? Even if you do not, you can imagine what it must feel like to pop out of the womb into the bright lights and noises, feeling hunger and pain, isolation, fear, confusion, and that does not change for quite a while.

One thing is certain, we did not come out thinking about being a doctor or [URL="[vrip.unmsm.edu.pe];]lawyer or racing cars[/URL]. We did not come out with a plan of travelling the world, buying a big house and having lots of money. But now, that is all you think about.

And what does that kid see today? 'There is no chance of getting any of that. But, I live at home and do not have to think about those things because my parents provide everything, including a computer, smartphone and super fast internet.'

'I am being educated on line, so that is my world, looking at the screen, and not another human being. Food is served when I am hungry, cloths are provided, cleaning service is done with laundry washed, folded and put back in my room.'

Given the life the kids are living at home, considering the prospects of [URL="[url]https://thumbmonkeys.com/groups/leaked-online-twenty-one-pilots-scaled-and-icy-album-download-free-full/"[/url];]growing up[/URL] and being on their own, is there any wonder they want to avoid facing their parents who are telling them to study and prepare for their future? 'What future?'

Would you want to face the future that they see ahead of them when all the necessities are provided without effort? Why face pain and a depressing empty future when you can stick your head in the sand. Be like a three year old, close your eyes and they cannot see you.

Where will you turn? To what you need the most. Companions who understand you and are in the same situation as you are.

How will you find them? Through the only venues allowed, the internet.

Where will you find friends like you? In the playground. (which [URL="[thumbmonkeys.com];]is now on line[/URL] video games)

Focus on the screen and put on the headphones and lose yourself in the world that provides everything you need. Companions, intellectual stimulation, mental challenge, competition to give you motivation, a limited but still partial physical interaction, an adrenalin rush, a sense of achievement when you win, and friends to celebrate your win with.
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