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Pramiracetam CAS 68497-62-1 to Improve Memory Resist Forgetfulness

Posted by sonn2019 
Pramiracetam CAS 68497-62-1 to Improve Memory Resist Forgetfulness
October 21, 2019 12:14PM
Pramiracetam CAS 68497-62-1 to Improve Memory Resist Forgetfulness

This supplement is a fat soluble member of the Racetam family that was initially developed in Belgium during the 1970's.
It is actually derived from the original Racetam, but has an increased potency (it is up to thirty times as strong as Piracetam).Pramiracetam has become a very popular Nootropic supplement and is used in many different countries.pramiracetam

In some cases it is even prescribed for medical use, although it is more commonly taken with the expectation of helping to improve memory and cognition.


Pramiracetam is a lipid-soluble moleculte and a exhibits a high-affinity choline uptake (HAUC)--thus, supplementation with choline or cholinergic substances (e. G. Alpha GPC) is recommended. [medical citation needed] Pramiracetam has a similar chemical structure to aniracetam but is 15-30 times stronger than aniracetam and the majority of racetam derivatives (e. G. Oxiracetam). [medical citation needed] Pramiracetam is thought to increase the long term memory of users and is used in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Although the mechanism underlying this response has not been fully elucidated, an increase in neuronal membrane fluidity has been posited as a potential mode of action.
Users typically take Pramiracetam powder in doses around 250 mg a few times a day with meals. As with most racetams, many people take a choline source along with it. Some say taking choline along with the proper Pramiracetam dosage can improve the overall experience.
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