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Tungsten Pros – Reasons to Buy Tungsten Rings

Posted by sonn2019 
Tungsten Pros – Reasons to Buy Tungsten Rings
October 21, 2019 11:52AM
Tungsten Pros – Reasons to Buy Tungsten Rings

In the modern jewelry world, industrial metals such as tungsten, titanium and stainless steel are in vogue, especially used in men’s jewelry, wedding bands and costume jewelry. Here are the benefits of tungsten:custom Tungsten Rings
Tungsten Affordability

Tungsten is a very affordable metal, and unlike the precious metals, is easy on your wallet. There are different grades of tungsten carbide used in jewelry which can impact the price. For example, high quality tungsten with carbon and nickel included can cost more than other lower grade tungsten carbide combinations.

Compare this white gold comfort fit wedding band with this comfort fit tungsten wedding band. The two rings are very similar looking but the difference in price is considerable!
Some people find that tungsten’s lack of monetary worth makes it cheap and therefore not a good choice for wedding bands. This comes down to personal preference and values.
Tungsten Durability

In the department of durability, tungsten carbide beats all other metals. This is how tungsten compares to other metals:

Gold (3 Mohs)
Platinum (4.5 Mohs)
Palladium (4.5 Mohs)
Rhodium (6 Mohs)
Titanium (6 Mohs)
Tungsten (9)
In fact, it is the hardest metal used in jewelry and the most scratch-resistant. As an object can only be scratched by another object that is harder than it, tungsten cannot be scratched by most materials. Some substances that can cause scratch tungsten are diamonds and moissanites. This means that regardless of the exposure your tungsten ring is subject to, it remains free of scratches.
Tungsten’s Luster

Tungsten rings are highly resistant to tarnishing and corrosion. Over time they do not change color or lose their shine.Because they don’t easily acquire scratches, tungsten remains lustrous and shiny. As a result, this metal has earned itself the nickname ‘forever polished’.
Tungsten is found in several popular colors. Gunmetal gray is a popular color for tungsten and makes for very handsome and unique wedding bands, while white offers a sleek and contemporary choice. White tungsten carbide is very similar in appearance to the popular platinum and white gold metals, giving a modern, stylish look to the wedding band.
You may be considering a black tungsten ring as this offers a striking and nonconventional look, ideal for someone looking to be different. However, black tungsten is made by plating the metal with a coating of black material. While plating tungsten allows for the metal to have different and attractive hues, it also means that over time the plate will flake off and require you to have the piece replated.
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