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Hair Wig - Know The Different Types

Posted by Hairsmarket 
Hair Wig - Know The Different Types
June 14, 2019 04:47AM
There are a large variety of hair accessories available in the market that range cheap to expensive ones depending upon their material, style and quality. If you are looking for a human hair wigs then you must keep a number of things in your mind. Wig should properly fit your scalp without making you look odd. Moreover the color of the hair on the wig should go with your physical appearance. Following are some of the different types of hair accessories that are commonly used by most of the people.

1. Human Hair Wig

These are one of the best accessories available in the marketplace as they are made of natural human hair. They provide a natural look but are a bit expensive than other types of wigs. The main advantage of these accessories is that they can be easily cut, shaped, dyed and styled like your natural hair. Four different types of hair accessories are used as hair extensions. These are Indian, Chinese, Indonesian and Caucasian and you need to take proper care of them just like your natural hair. They should be oiled, shampooed and conditioned after regular intervals.

2. Synthetic Hair Wig

These wigs are made from other materials like horse hair, buffalo hair, wool or feathers. Synthetic fibers are the next best material used in making these wigs. These are cheaper than the human hair wigs and are easy to maintain. However these wigs can be damaged if rollers or dryers or any other equipment is used on them.

3. Lace Wigs

These are the next most popular forms of wigs used. They provide a more natural look than all the other wigs. These types of wigs are particularly worn by various celebrities. These are the full hair wigs that have a net lace attached in front just ahead of the hairline. This lace is custom fitted to the scalp of the user and is glued to the person's skin. The hair on the wig hides the mesh lace making it invisible.

These are some popular types of hair wigs that you can use in order to augment your personality in a remarkable manner.

Lace front Wigs and Hair Extensions can be great accessories to sport but selecting the right wigs can be quite a confusing task. Allow us to help you choose the perfect look.

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