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Causes of ear blockage

Posted by merehan 
Causes of ear blockage
October 13, 2021 07:00AM
Causes of ear blockage
There are many different reasons that may lead to suffering from a clogged ear, which may be caused by a disorder in one of the different parts of the ear or from the parts surrounding it in some cases.

Middle ear disorders are the most common of these causes, and the following is a summary of the different causes of ear blockage: The following is a statement of the most important of these reasons:


auditory canal obstruction
Eustachian tube dysfunction is located on both sides of the face and extends from the middle ear to the back of the nose and the upper part of the throat. Its function is to regulate ear pressure and drain excess fluid from the middle ear toward the throat. The channel is closed most of the time

But it opens during swallowing, chewing, or yawning, and it should be noted that this channel contains several very small tubes, and can be subjected to blockage as a result of several factors such as: seasonal allergies, influenza and colds that cause ear infections. , and sinusitis that can To fill the duct with mucous secretions

In addition to changes in altitude or atmospheric air pressure surrounding the individual, as a result of climbing mountains, boarding a plane, or using the elevator to reach one of the higher floors, and the symptoms caused by the disruption of the Eustachian tube: a feeling of blockage in the ear, tinnitus, partially hearing impairment, and feeling Pain when touching the surrounding parts of the ear, etc

Inflammation of the middle ear
Otitis media, usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection in the middle ear, and it is worth noting that this infection often occurs as a complication of allergies, colds, or throat or nose infections

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Where these health problems may lead to the closure of the lower part of the Eustachian tube, which leads to the accumulation of fluid in the middle ear, and thus bacteria or viruses may multiply in it, causing pain and swelling in the eardrum in addition to some other symptoms, such as loss of appetite, especially in young children, Irritability, fever, disturbance of hearing, lack of sleep, and fluid coming out of the ear

In this context, it is noteworthy that there is a type of middle ear infection known as otitis media with effusion, which occurs after the symptoms of acute otitis media have subsided with fluid remaining in the ear, which may lead to a slight and temporary impairment of hearing. For a period of up to three months

In fact, media otitis is more common in young children between the ages of three months and three years, especially males, in addition to colds, nasal allergies or upper respiratory allergies, and chronic respiratory diseases, such as asthma, and genetic factors are all among the Factors that increase the risk of middle ear infection

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Ear wax blockage
Ear wax or gum is an important part of the ear; It is one of the body's natural defense methods that clean, moisturize, and protect the ear canal by capturing dirt, dust, and foreign particles, and slowing the growth of bacteria with the help of tiny hairs in the ear.

In the normal situation, the body excretes small amounts of wax through the ear opening when new quantities are secreted inside, but sometimes large amounts of wax can accumulate in the ear, and lead to a feeling of blockage in the ear, and wax usually collects as a result of the secretion of excess amounts of it inside the ear Or cleaning the ear from improper wax

As in the case of using ear cotton to clean it, which in turn pushes the wax inward instead of taking it out, and in this case some symptoms may appear, such as pain and fullness in the ear, tinnitus, hearing impairment, dizziness, and coughing.
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